Does a Case Make an iPhone Overheat?

iPhones are no doubt one of the best smart phones being sold in the market today. However, one of the minor, if not a major problem for some is that it can easily get too hot. It becomes too hot that it can actually melt the plastic cover. Many have already complained about this overheating issue. For the first generation iPhones, the heating can cause the cases to be discoloured due to the high heat. The heat can be unbearable that you could not even put it safely in your face in case you want to answer your calls.

Apple admits that iPhones have tendencies to overheat. They acknowledge the reality of the problem but iPhone Support asserts that to maintain its temperature, it should be used in a place that is not greater that 35 ¬0C or 95 0F. If for any reason it is used in a place greater than the recommended temperature, the phone will get warmer. Also, it should not be left inside your parked car where it can go beyond the ideal temperature. When charging, it is normal for the iPhone to get warm. However, if you are using a case for iPhone 4, would it not make your phone any hotter than when you are not using any case at all?

The answer to this question is yes. The case will only make the battery even harder to breathe. The heat will only be trapped making the iPhone overheat. When the battery overheats, it produces gas resulting it to expand. The expansion will cause the components to be pressured and in time causing the iPhone to be destroyed. How much more if the iPhone is placed in a case? It may protect you from the heat but it will not protect the phone itself. The front face may not be much of an issue since the case are only meant to cover the back. The front face must be exposed or the phone would not be functional with the case on it.

There is not much to worry though because unlike an overheating laptop, a cellphone battery rarely explodes. Yet, when the iPhone has reached the irregular high temperature, it may regulate itself causing the device to stop charging, perform weak signal, and could have a dim display.

If for some condition you have left the iPhone on direct sunlight but with a case on it, as long as it is not charging or doing any unsupervised application, it will not get any hotter. The case will serve as a protective cover. But if you are using it with a certain application in hot surroundings for a long time, it can possibly get hotter.

For safety reasons, while it can get hot with or without the case, it would be better if you use it with the case to protect you from the heat. Just in case it gets hotter, it will not cause you any harm even if the battery will ever explode. Choosing a case made out of leather can be a good option rather than plastic.

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